Builders Outreach
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Not every young person can—or wants to be—America's next hot top model or baseball player or movie star. Many young people have a natural interest in inventing, discovering and building new things. It's more important than ever to tap that interest in the school years by introducing students to careers that let that interest flourish. Trilogy Publications' books show today’s students what engineers, scientists and building professionals do...and how they touch our lives...every day.   

Those Amazing®... Series

Those Amazing Builders

The scoop on how modern day project managers and contractors join forces with workers in time-honored trades from masons to carpenters to build the world we live in. For middle and high school students.

Free Those Amazing Builders teacher's guide

Free glossary of construction terms

Those Amazing Engineers

A fun, colorful, engaging look at some of the marvelous things that have been designed and built by engineers. More than 90,000 copies in print. For upper elementary and middle school students.

Free Those Amazing Engineers teacher's guide

Those Amazing Scientists

An excellent introduction to the exciting fields of science, with examples kids of all ages can relate to. Think "invisibility cloak." For upper elementary and middle school students.

An invaluable schoolroom tool... The books help teachers introduce the exciting worlds of engineering, science and construction in a colorful, reader-friendly way.

Great for a home library... With activities and checklists, the books can be read again and again and are a wonderful addition to a home library.

Perfect for outreach... Hundreds of companies, organizations and universities have purchased Trilogy books for their own outreach programs in libraries, schools, science fairs and community programs, introducing thousands of young people to meaningful careers.